What is The Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga?

What is The Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga?

Yoga is considered to be one of the most efficacious ways of attaining physical as well as mental balance. It constitutes of elements that make a person’s overall wellness possible. Yoga, with passing time, has evolved and given shape to many other branches. Power yoga is one of the most effective yoga forms if one’s main aim is to lose weight or get more fit physically.

Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga

Listed below are some of the basic differences between yoga and power yoga:

  • Yoga involves simple moves and slow movements of the body whereas power yoga involves speedy and rapid body movements.
  • Yoga focuses on body positions while power yoga focuses on body movements.
  • Yoga helps improve mental, internal and external stability whereas power yoga helps improve physical fitness and firmness.
  • Power yoga may sometimes be restricted due to medical conditions because it involves exercises that can be complicated but yoga can be done by anyone regardless of medical conditions.
  • Yoga can be done by anyone while it is usually recommended to have an instructor or a supervisor to help you with power yoga.
  • There are many other differences involving the speed of the practice, body positioning, point of focus and mental stability.

What does power yoga mean?

Yoga is one of the most popular ways for people to attain physical and mental stability. It is an ancient way of lifestyle that people have carried on for ages. Times change and so do necessities, with evolution, the needs of people also tend to change. Yoga has been ever-evolving; power yoga is one of the extended branches of yoga that helps people that are religiously into fitness and strength building. It is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. Even though it provides similar benefits as regular yoga, like increased stamina, strength and flexibility, it also is additionally advantageous.

Power yoga is slightly different from generic yoga; it requires more will power and rigorous training. It is very popular in western countries, however in the meantime; it is also followed in India as well. If you are specifically from Tricity, you can access power yoga classes, any fitness club in Panchkula or gymnasium like Alpha Fit offers power yoga classes.

Is Power Yoga good for beginners?

Many youngsters in the meantime are inclined towards fitness and are even open mind in terms of the fitness practices to follow. Power yoga has gradually gained a lot of momentum among fitness enthusiasts. However, power yoga is slightly more complicated than the traditional form of yoga. It requires rigorous physical exercises. If one is a beginner, he/she can definitely try power yoga, however, it is not guaranteed that everyone can adhere to the form of yoga.

There are many fitness clubs in Panchkula and other cities that offer power yoga classes. The membership comes with the advantage of having supervisors aka trainers to help you through your routine. Once you have got a stronghold to overpower yoga, it will definitely make a difference in your life.

Avoid power yoga in the following situations:

  • If you aren’t in good shape
  • In case of pregnancy
  • If you suffer from chronic physical ailments like arthritis/ diabetes

What are the benefits of power yoga?

Some of the benefits of power yoga are as follow:

  • It helps boost immunity which is very important in the meantime
  • It helps in weight loss and builds muscles
  • It helps lung capacity which is also very important for the overall functioning of a person
  • It aids one’s hormone regulation
  • It improves postures, flexibility and focuses for a person to attain a state of balance
  • It helps improve blood circulation and lower the blood pressure
  • It helps reduce toxins
  • It helps attain a state of mental well being and reduces stress

Which is better yoga or power yoga?

Power yoga is an extended branch of traditional yoga. Individuals have different lookouts and priorities while choosing their routines. If you are planning to take a membership for a fitness club, like AlphaFit, you will realize that they offer classes for both.

Yoga emphasizes attaining a state of mental and physical balance and is more relaxing. On the other hand, power yoga involves rigorous exercises, and it for people who wish to gain muscles and strength.

Depending upon one’s reason and main goal, either form of yoga, be it traditional or power yoga can be beneficial. It is lesser about which is better and more about which one is more suitable considering one’s prerequisites.

Is Power Yoga good for weight loss?

Power yoga is good for weight loss because it involves vigorous, rapid body movements. It helps you burn calories, tone and stretch your muscles and help you burn calories.

It is ideal choices for those who wish to lose weight meanwhile also attain mental balance and serenity. Yoga has always been an inclination especially among the elderly, however in the meantime, the young are also developing a knack for fitness by yoga. Power yoga is very suitable for weight loss and overall strength development.

Is it okay to do power yoga every day?

Yes, it is most definitely okay, rather good to do power yoga every day, when you get a gym membership, don’t you try your best to make it to the gym every day? Similarly, you can do power yoga every day. Yoga helps increase your metabolism among other important benefits. One of the best ways to maintain consistency is getting a membership of a fitness center in the Panchkula like in AlphaFit, it will definitely be a motivating factor for you to stay regular.

Does Hot Power Yoga Burn Fat?

Hot Power Yoga is especially usually done in very hot ambiance, which increases the rate of perspiration regulated by the burning of fat. Quicker movements, faster heartbeat, more energy needed, more calories burned.

Which is better yoga or gym?

Yoga has been an efficacious way for people to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Yoga can be considered more efficient, because it involves your whole body, for strengthening. Gymnasiums usually have more to do with weights and equipment whereas, in yoga, your entire body is used, which helps tone your body because you utilize no additional weights but your own body weight.

Here’s the catch though, you can avail power yoga classes in Panchkula in a gymnasium like AlphaFit.  Power yoga as part of your gym membership, what better can you ask for?

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