About us


About Us

It has been our privilege over the last couple of years to work with people who are trying to improve themselves. Our members’ success stories continue to inspire us everyday. They feel better, sleep better at night and even overcome pain and physical limitations. Is it time to start your own story?

Alphafit offers a wide range of exercise programs, activities, and people to help you accomplish those goals. We can accommodate the person that has never worked out a day in their life, to the avid exercise enthusiast. What makes Alphafit different?

Atmosphere -

Comfortable and Inviting.


Friendly, helpful & professional.


Exceptional. Follow-up

Our unwavering commitment to our members can be measured by no wait times on machines and equipment. This is due to the fact that we maintain limited memberships. We understand our member’s busy schedules and with no wait times on machines, a complete workout can be easily achieved.